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OPC Day Finland 2016 - Presentations Online


Mikko Uuskoski, Beckhoff Finland

OPC Day Finland 2016 was hosted wonderfully by Beckhoff Finland on 18 October, 2016. We had a full room again, 75 people, and the programme was full of interesting speaks. Mikko Uuskoski (Beckhoff, on right) opened the day and Stefan Hoppe (OPC Foundation), Matthias Damm (Unified Automation & ascolab), Miriam Schleipen (Fraunhofer IOSB), Erich Barnstedt (Microsoft), Heikki Ailisto (VTT) and Pasi Ahonen (VTT) were the invited speakers.

Check the online recordings or get the event material from the event home page

Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation Miriam Schleipen, Fraunhofer Erich Barnstedt, Microsoft

Stefan Hoppe, Miriam Schleipen and Erich Barnstedt

Heikki Ailisto, VTT Pasi Ahonen, VTT

Heikki Ailisto and Pasi Ahonen

Jouni Aro

Jouni Aro

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