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Prosys OPC UA Java SDK is now officially certified


With the release 2.1.0 that we announced last week, we have completed the demanding certification testing of the Java SDK with the OPC Foundation. We are very proud of this achievement, which raises the product to yet another level regarding the quality, conformance to the OPC UA standard and reliability of the SDK.

In practice, the certification means that the sample applications that are included with the SDK are now certified. It does not mean that all applications built with the SDK are automatically certified, though. But the standard features in the SDK now enable certification and all applications built with the SDK should be certifiable.

OPC Foundation Certified

Certification is a demanding but important part of OPC UA. It helps the end-users to work on the products as they are intended to: to just configure the connections and assume that products from different vendors interoperate seamlessly. Therefore it is advisable to take the certification step with your products as well, if you are developing them, or prefer certified products when you are using them.

The SDK is now certified for the base and data access profiles both for client side and server side. OPC Foundation is working all the time on new tests for new profiles and we must also continue the work with the SDK to ensure full compliance with all provided OPC UA profiles in future.

Check the official product page at the OPC Foundation Website for details of the certification results.

Read the release notes for more about the technical details of the new release.

Jouni Aro

Jouni Aro

Chief Technology Officer

Email: jouni.aro@prosysopc.com

Expertise and responsibility areas: OPC & OPC UA product development, project work and customer support

Tags: OPC UA, Java

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