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Prosys OPC at Hannover Messe


Prosys OPC attended Hannover Messe 2013 in the second week of April. The leading industrial trade show in Europe gathered up 6 550 exhibitors from 62 nations and total of 225 000 attendees. OPC Foundation had built up a great booth once again, enabling us sponsors to attract people that are interested in OPC technology.

Our new products, introduced in my previous blog post, were on show for the first time in Hannover. In addition to our new OPC UA products it was interesting to see that OPC UA is being deployed in various new environments and platforms every day: for example BACNet Interest Group had a Partner Pod at OPC Foundation booth for the first time. They have done a great job, together with OPC Foundation, by mapping BACNet with OPC UA and bringing OPC UA to building automation systems. Demand for OPC UA solutions seems to continue growing, but at the expense of Classic OPC. Products like UA Gateway makes it easier for OPC developers to start developing OPC UA: they can still get the full benefits of their existing DA solutions.

Tuomas at Hannover Messe

Connecting my Android phone to PLC, enabled by OPC UA Next month Prosys OPC will attend OPC Day Europe hosted by Yokogawa in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. It is a great opportunity to find out what’s new in OPC UA, listen to interesting speakers and network with people involved in OPC technology.

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