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OPC UA Online Workshop, June 2022


Prosys OPC will organize the OPC UA Online Workshop on June 14-16, 2022.

This workshop will provide attendees with knowledge about the OPC UA technology and valuable hands-on exercise experience including developing applications using Java, .NET, Delphi and C++ SDKs.

The training will be held using Microsoft Teams and ReadyTech platforms. After years of cooperation, these platforms proved to be the most suitable for this type of training, allowing participants to join the workshop and access materials from any place in the world. Using the following platforms company’s instructor will present the training materials and demonstrations and evaluate participants’ exercises in real-time. He will also be able to monitor attendees’ progress and receive alerts when a participant needs guidance.

Similar to the previous online workshops, materials and demonstrations are designed for three days of training. Based on the attendees goals, it is possible to select one, two of three days of training.

Day 1 of the online workshop is the recommended introductory training for everyone interested in OPC UA. Participants will be introduced to the OPC UA specifications, features, scope, applications, products, and use cases. Information Modeling, Communication Model, and Security Concepts have their separate sessions. End of the day 1 is followed by a presentation of the future roadmap of OPC UA specification.

During days 2 and 3, attendees will learn how to create OPC UA Client and Server applications. Those sample applications are developed with the assistance of Java, .NET and C++ SDKs by adding the essential OPC UA features step-by-step. This knowledge can be used by participants to create their connections to any device or system using OPC UA.

In summary, during the workshop participants will learn to:

  • Install and use OPC UA applications
  • Connect an OPC UA client
  • Navigate through the server address space to find information
  • Read and write data
  • Create subscriptions to monitor data changes and events
  • Create a fully functional OPC UA server
  • Define and use OPC UA information models
  • Define and use OPC UA methods, alarms and history data

Our customers have been extremely satisfied with the workshops during the past years, which is indicated by the very positive feedback we have received from the attendees.

Download Prosys Workshop brochure.

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Overall, we can fully recommend this training. The introduction is loaded of information about OPC UA technology, and the practical part provides hands-on exercises that will help you to get your first client and server applications up and running. From organizational perspective, workshop in online format was very easy and flexible to attend and offered savings in travel expenses.

Janne Känsäkoski
Development Manager, R&D, Digitalization

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For more information including detailed workshop schedule and registration, please contact us by email at sales@prosysopc.com or by phone at +358 9 420 9007.

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OPC and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) are industry standards that enable software to connect devices, machines and systems from different manufacturers using same interface.

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