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Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server 5.2.0 Released


We have released a new version 5.2.0 of Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server.

The release improves the support to simulate real-life use-cases, such as OPC UA servers or PLC systems, eliminating the need to run a physical system. The new features include support for array variables, customizable NodeIds, and various data types for constant value simulation. All instance namespaces have also been made modifiable.

Another major improvement is the possibility to export NodeSets from the server to import elsewhere. Now, the user can import the existing NodeSets into the Simulation Server, modify the models and later export the new models as NodeSets. If the NodeSet contains Types, it can be used to add instances to a new namespace that can then be exported from the Simulation Server.

This application has also been updated to use Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java version 4.7.2. and log4j2 version 2.17.2. To learn more about the security updates check our Blog Post.

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