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Prosys OPC UA Java SDK 3.0.0 released


We released an update to the Prosys OPC UA Java SDK. This is a new major release of the SDK. It has some major modifications and changes to the previous version 2.x, but old projects can be migrated with little effort to this version

The main change is that the SDK now conforms to the OPC UA 1.03 specifications. The 1.03 information model support is needed for many companion specifications. As an example, supporting 1.03 specification means that it’s possible to use Optional Structures and Unions now with the Java SDK which is a requirement for building applications that support certain companion specifications.

Another major change is that there’s a new version of the Code Generator. The new Code Generator is pretty much a complete rewrite. It mostly generates the same kind of code but it’s a lot faster and uses less resources than the old one and allows us to develop it further in the future.

Other changes include support for a subset of OPC UA Aggregates in the form of AggregateCalculator. Support is added also for the Global Discovery Server (GDS) information model.

Specifically for the Client SDK, the OPC Binary TypeDictionary system is now supported. This allows runtime reading the Structure encoding for custom Structures. This can be used to decode custom Structures in situations where the Code Generator cannot be used.

In the Server SDK, the server side node instantion configuration has been improved via a new TypeDefinitionBasedNodeBuilderConfiguration which allows easier definition for instantiating Optional components of types.

This release of the SDK hasn’t been specifically tested for compliance with the Compliance Test Tool and there are some test cases which might be failing. We will continue improving the compliance still to get a fully compliant SDK.

All this being said, in the end it’s also good to note that some of the changes in this new version have been internal architecture changes which are not visible to the user of the SDK. We hope that these changes will make the SDK a better product in the long run.

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