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Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java 4.7.0 Released


We have released a new version of the Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java.

This is a minor release of the SDK. It also includes one security fix.

The security fix is in the server side. MonitoredDataItem didn’t properly calculate AccessLevels if the item used an AggregateFilter, thus users could access nodes they should not have the access rights to. Thus everyone is recommended to update to this version. Alternatively SubscriptionManagerListener.onCreateMonitoredDataItem can be used to prevent creation of such items.

The contents of tar.gz distributions “flavours” in previous releases have had equal content of the zip distributions. Per our tests normal unix unzip tools seem to retain the ‘exec bits’ for .sh files from the zip distributions. Thus starting from this version we will only provide the zip version as the tar.gz is no longer needed.

Also the samples of the SDK now use Logback instead of log4j for logging.

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