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Free tools, OPC UA Client and Simulation Server, updated to version 2.3.2


Version 2.3.2 of our popular free OPC UA tools, OPC UA Client and Simulation Server have been released today.

Both products have been updated to use a recent version of our OPC UA Java SDK.

OPC UA Simulation Server has also been in the OPC Foundation Certification Laboratory and passed the tests in there. We are waiting for the finalization of the certification process from the OPC Foundation to be able to announce that officially, and to get the product listed as Certified at the OPC Foundation Product Listing.

New Features

Main new features for both products are listed below. In addition to that, several minor fixes have been included.

OPC UA Client

  • Online charting and logging option for Data View
  • Support for requesting processed historical data from the server using Aggregate Functions (if the server supports them).
  • Export and copy data from History and Data View (logged values): txt, csv and xls/xlsx formats

OPC UA Simulation Server

  • Several fixes to make the Server pass CTT tests for 1.02 Standard UA Server Profile and 1.02 Data Access Server Facet
  • Improved support for User certificate validation using a PKI folder
  • Recreate own certificate from the Certificates View
  • Open certificate folder from the Certificates View
  • Filtering options added to the Req/Res View
  • Export the Log in the Req/Res View to a file

OPC UA Client product page »

OPC UA Simulation Server product page »

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