The New Monitor Panel allows you to design your own displays for most important measurement values, enabling real-time monitoring of production processes and equipment.

In just minutes, you'll have connected to any OPC UA server and created your first running configuration.

Ultra Slick Grid System

Design your own Monitor Panel with fast, easy to use and efficient grid system.

Smart Visualization Components

Use selection of gauges, visual elements and charts.

Interactive Data Visualizations

Secure communications for reading and writing online values.

View data from any OPC UA server.

Prosys OPC UA Client Pro includes all the tried and tested features of OPC UA Client.

  • Browse the address space, select nodes and read and write data.
  • Access nodes that contain historical data and use trend charts to illustrate the data.
  • Subscribe to events and alarms from the desired node and acknowledge and confirm alarms.

Secure Data Access

Historical Data Access

Alarms & Conditions

Data Monitoring

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