Training & Workshops

We offer OPC UA training for automation engineers, IT experts, managers and developers.

We have hosted over 70 OPC and OPC UA workshops and trained over 600 experts. Our training materials and exercises are based on this experience as well as knowledge of standard specifications and practical applications.

We organize public trainings every year in several countries and online (virtual classroom). We also provide customized training for our clients when there are more trainees from the same company, special needs in terms of topics and time, or training is needed at a certain site. All online trainings are held using ReadyTech platform. After years of this platform is proved to be the most suitable for this type of training. It provides workshop participants with real-life instructor-led training with our company's instructor who will not only present training materials and demonstrations but also evaluate participants' excersises.

We organize both online and classroom training regularly to help industrial experts all over the world to learn the power of OPC and OPC UA technology. The online workshops are held using Microsoft Teams and ReadyTech platforms. After years of collaboration, these platforms are proved to be the most suitable for this type of training. We offer workshop participants real-time training experience where the instructor will not only present training materials and demonstrations but can also evaluate the exercises of the participants.

OPC UA for Users and Experts:

  • IEC 62541 standard overview
  • Information modeling
  • Security model
  • Communication model
  • Product certification
  • Products and use cases
  • Discovery servers
  • Redundancy
  • Migration from OPC classic
  • Demos and hands-on exercises
  • Future roadmap

OPC UA for Developers:

  • Client and server development
  • Connection management
  • Security configuration
  • Device data
  • Events
  • Method calls
  • Alarms
  • Historical data
  • Information modeling
  • Code generation
  • Java, .NET, C++, Delphi

We also provide customized training on demand. Please ask more information by sending an email to or filling our contact form.

alt text As an alternative to our public and customized training we offer a self-paced Introduction to OPC UA online course. The on-demand training is based on the extensive materials developed and customized by company's OPC UA professionals. It covers the basics of OPC UA technology and provides knowledge about a wide range of topics: from basic specifications of OPC UA technology to more complex concepts such as Security and Information Modeling.

The online course consists of four modules. Each module is divided into small chapters that include video lectures hosted by the experienced OPC UA trainer and cover a wide range of topics.

  • OPC UA Introduction
  • OPC UA Products
  • OPC UA Use Cases
  • OPC UA in Industry 4.0

The course price is 195 EUR, and it is available on the TalentLMS platform. You can learn more about the online course materials and certifications at the online course page.

If you need more information or would like to ask questions, please contact us at

Case Analysis - Helen

OPC and OPC UA Technology Training for an Energy Company

Helen is one of Finland's largest Energy companies and they utilize OPC solutions provided by different vendors. The new OPC UA definition enables secure data transfer in all environments and networks. This will increase the popularity of the OPC UA technology in the future, which also creates new educational needs, which can be fullfilled with expert training. Prosys organized a customized training for Helen. A major part in the training was practical exercises, with which the participants could also achieve precious practical experience about the subjects included in the training.

Case Analysis - Centria University of Applied Sciences

OPC UA Online Workshop for R&D Personnel

Centria University of Applied Sciences, research and development department currently employs around 110 staff members. There are about 80 R&D projects ongoing each year. The aim is to develop the expertise for the companies and organizations, in order to enhance their activities and competitiveness. The goal is to both provide and create new knowledge, skills and technologies for the local businesses and industries. Centria’s R&D is closely linked to teaching activities, which allows university students to benefit from a learning environment based on the real working life.