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At Prosys OPC, we are committed to advancing OPC UA solutions to elevate industrial connectivity. Our mission is to facilitate the transformation of factories into smart, digitalized environments by seamlessly integrating data flow between industrial systems and applications. With a focus on secure interoperability and simplifying OPC UA knowledge for broader accessibility, we drive innovation to create a more connected and efficient industrial landscape.

Prosys OPC Over Time

Prosys OPC Ltd was founded in 1995 in Helsinki under the name Prosys PMS Ltd, reflecting the company's goal to provide production management systems and system integration services. In 1996, the company moved to Espoo to be next to the University of Technology and enjoy incubator services targeted at high-tech companies.
In the early years, most revenue was generated from customized software development and consulting services. In 1999, the company launched a data acquisition and production monitoring system that integrated standard industrial hardware and the company's proprietary software. The business was run for over a decade and then became service-based.
The company released Sentrol (sense & control) SDK for Delphi, which offered easy to use visual components with OPC connectivity. Based on Sentrol, free test tools Prosys OPC Classic Client and Prosys OPC Classic Simulation Server were released. Also, the company debuted with its booth at the Hannover Messe, expanding to the European and global markets.
The company opened an Online Store to enable easier and faster purchase of licenses and renewals worldwide. As a result, the business grew and became even more international.
By 2008, the company was already an experienced member of the OPC Foundation and contributed to the specification and development of the original OPC UA (Unified Architecture) Java stack.
In 2010, Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java product was commercially released, and since then, it has been the technology and market leader in its field. Based on SDK, we soon released simulation and test tools called Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server, Prosys OPC UA Browser, and Prosys OPC UA Client for Android.
In 2012, the company took new steps in international business and participated for the first time in both the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg and the Industrial Automation Show in Shanghai. Today, both fairs belong to the standard trade fair calendar, in addition to the Hannover Messe of the company.
When working with an increasing number of customers, new solutions were needed to match the feedback and new requirements. As a result, the company released Java-based end-user applications Historian and Modbus Server.
In 2017, the company's official name was changed to Prosys OPC Ltd to match the increasing focus on OPC UA expertise. At the same time, we kept our professional services business strong, offering customized consulting, software development, and solutions based on customer-specific needs.
Over the years, our SDK products have enjoyed steady improvements and new releases. One of the biggest releases was in 2019 when OPC UA components were added to the Sentrol, and the product received its current name, Prosys Sentrol OPC UA & Classic SDK for Delphi. The Java-based product family was expanded in 2020 when Prosys OPC UA Monitor was released.
Training and workshops have always been a substantial part of our professional services. While traditional instructor-based training, whether physical or online, is still a significant activity, we have invested in development and released a self-paced Introduction to OPC UA Online Course in 2021.
2023 - Present
Over the years, the company has grown from a startup founded by university students to an established OPC UA software products and professional services company with a global customer base in over 50 countries. Our latest product, Prosys OPC UA Forge, was released in 2023. It incorporates many features from the earlier produts, while adding many new functions for connecting IT and OT for secure, streamlined operations.
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We are a mix of technically educated people with a strong focus on real-life solutions and customer service. You can reach us by contacting our front office, email sales@prosysopc.com, or phone +358 9 420 9007 (08-16 CET, Monday to Friday).

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At Prosys OPC Ltd, we are at the forefront of providing innovative software products and professional services centered around OPC UA technology. With our extensive portfolio we are serving a global clientele across more than 50 countries. You can read more about diverse project portfolio at Customer Cases.

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