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Write your own OPC UA Client & Server in ANSI C

The ANSI C SDK is designed for use in embedded devices. This SDK is optimized to maintain a small memory footprint while ensuring peak performance. It functions seamlessly in both single-task/single-thread and multi-threaded environments. It comes complete with precompiled libraries, header files, comprehensive documentation, and illustrative samples, all tailored for the chosen compiler and platform.

Simplifying UA Stack

The SDK/Toolkit simplifies the UA stack APIs, implements common UA functionality needed in most or all UA applications, provides base functionality and helper functions, implements the security handling and provides samples for common use cases. The SDK consists of two components: the generic platform independent CORE and the Platform Layer (PL) that includes the adoption layer for your specific targeted operating system.


Features and Profiles​

ANSI C Based OPC UA Client Server SDK supports the following OPC UA Features and Profiles:

  • Data Access
  • Complex Types
  • Events
  • Methods
  • Alarms & Conditions
  • Historical Access

Technical Details

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • vxWorks
  • QNX
  • RTOS
  • None
  • Basic128Rsa15
  • Basic256
  • Basic256Sha256
  • Aes128-Sha256-RsaOaep
  • Aes256-Sha256-RsaPss
  • Client Source
  • Client & Server Source
  • Client & Server PubSub Source
  • Data Access
  • Events
  • Methods
  • Alarms & Conditions
  • Historical Access

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