OPC UA .NET Client SDK is a .NET based software development kit for speeding up your development in the new OPC Unified Architecture world.

OPC UA .NET SDK is a .NET based toolkit for developing OPC UA clients and servers. It includes assemblies, documentation and samples. This SDK requires .NET Frammework 3.5 or higher and supports all the security definitions and features required to create UA enabled .NET applications. In contrast to the .NET SDK of the OPC Foundation, our SDK comes with simple and consistent API, good documentation, and show case examples for various use cases.

The .NET based OPC UA Client SDK supports the following UA Profiles:

  • Base Client Behaviour Facet
  • Core Client Facet
  • AddressSpace Lookup Client Facet
  • Attribute Read Client Facet
  • Attribute Write Client Facet
  • DataChange Subscriber Client Facet
  • DataAccess Client Facet
  • Discovery Client Facet
  • Event Subscriber Client Facet
  • Method Client Facet
  • Node Management Client Facet
  • Advanced Type Programming Client Facet

The .NET based OPC UA Server SDK supports the following UA Profiles:

  • Standard UA Server
  • Node Management Server Facet
  • Client Redundancy Facet
  • DataAccess Server Facet
  • ComplexType Server Facet
  • Basic Event Subscription Server Facet
  • DataAccess Client Facet
  • Address Space Notifier Server Facet
  • Auditing Server Facet
  • Method Server Facet
  • A&C Simple Server Facet
  • A&C Address Space Instance Server Facet
  • A&C Enable Server Facet
  • A&C Alarm Server Facet
  • A&C Acknowledgeable Alarm Server Facet
  • A&C Exclusive Alarming Server Facet
  • A&C Non-Exclusive Alarming Server Facet
  • A&C Previous Instances Server Facet
  • A&C Dialog Server Facet

Additional supported features are:

  • Historical Access
  • Programs
  • Alarms & Conditions

The .NET OPC UA SDK is available as Binary Developer License. The SDK requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and comes with examples as Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 project files.

What is OPC?

OPC and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) are industry standards that enable software to connect devices, machines and systems from different manufacturers using same interface.

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