OPC UA Workshops

From OPC and OPC UA principles and system integration to software development, we offer training performed in our office, over internet or at your premises.

Unlock the Power of OPC and OPC UA

At our OPC UA training hub, we’re your guides to mastering this technology. Our training fits a diverse audience, including automation engineers, IT experts, managers, and developers.

Why Choose Our Training?

With a legacy of hosting 80+ OPC and OPC UA workshops and training over 600 professionals, our training materials and exercises are not only founded on broad experience but also on a deep understanding of standard specifications and real-world applications.

OPC UA for Users and Experts:

  • IEC 62541 standard overview
  • Information modeling
  • Security model
  • Communication model
  • Product certification
  • Products and use cases
  • Discovery servers
  • Redundancy
  • Migration from OPC classic
  • Demos and hands-on exercises
  • Future roadmap

OPC UA for Developers:

  • Client and server development
  • Connection management
  • Security configuration
  • Device data
  • Events
  • Method calls
  • Alarms
  • Historical data
  • Information modeling
  • Code generation
  • Java, .NET, C++, Delphi

Training That Fits Your Needs

At Prosys OPC, we are proud to offer an extensive range of public training programs, held annually in various countries and also available online. Tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, we specialize in customized training sessions. These are particularly beneficial for groups from the same company, those with specific topic requirements or scheduling needs, or for training at a particular location.

Our online training sessions are conducted using Microsoft Teams, a platform we’ve found to be suitable over the years for interactive learning. OPC UA workshop sessions provide participants with a great training experience led by our skilled instructors. Participants engage with training materials and practical demonstrations and receive personalized feedback on their exercises.

Our aim is to help industrial professionals worldwide gain a deep understanding of OPC and OPC UA technology. Our workshops offer a dynamic, real-time learning environment where participants not only absorb valuable information through presentations and demonstrations but also benefit from direct evaluations and feedback on their progress.

Customer Cases

Helen Oy - OPC and OPC UA Technology Training for an Energy Company

Helen is one of Finland’s largest Energy companies and they utilize OPC solutions provided by different vendors. The new OPC UA definition enables secure data transfer in all environments and networks. This will increase the popularity of the OPC UA technology in the future, which also creates new educational needs, which can be fullfilled with expert training. Prosys organized a customized training for Helen. A major part in the training was practical excersises, with which the participants could also achieve precious practical experience about the subjects included in the training.

Centria - OPC UA Online Workshop for R&D Personnel

Centria’s R&D is closely linked to teaching activities, which allows university students to benefit from a learning environment based on the real working life. Currently Centria executes several projects with industrial and high-tech companies, where Industry 4.0 smart systems are developed and OPC UA communications can be used. Centria participated in the OPC UA Online Workshop organized by Prosys OPC.

Join us for either the online learning or classroom training – wherever you are, we're here to guide you on your journey to mastering OPC and OPC UA technology. Your expertise awaits!

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