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Connecting IT and OT for secure, streamlined operations

Connect, Harmonize, Publish

Use Prosys OPC UA Forge to connect to OPC UA servers and access operational data from sensors, devices, machines, and automation systems. Harmonize data using information modeling and normalization, and publish your data to MES, ERP, IoT, and other IT systems using OPC UA.

Single Point of Access

Having all your data behind a single point of access enables tighter firewall rules and better network control, simplifying your system architecture and significantly improving security. Once configured, Prosys OPC UA Forge is your secure gateway for accessing OT data of all underlying servers. 

OPC UA Forge - IT/OT updated diagram
OPC UA Forge - Effective Onboarding

Effective Onboarding and Reconfiguration​

The growing number of hardware and software items from different vendors in production processes requires new solutions to organize your data. Prosys OPC UA Forge enables a straightforward on-boarding and reconfiguration of IT systems and production equipment, as well as easy scaling to multiple production sites.

OPC UA Forge - Data Harmonization

Information Modeling and Data Harmonization

Browse the underlying address spaces of all connected servers and select the data you want to harmonize and publish. Easy-to-use operations such as rename, scale, and offset assist you in achieving your goals. Modeling tools enable mapping and organizing underlying data into information models based on industry standards.

OPC UA Forge - Unified Address Space

Unified Address Space

Once configured, the unified address space exposes underlying data from all the connected data sources, according to your naming and structuring principles. This result streamlines OT data acquisition for IT systems, providing information in the most suitable and standard way.

OPC UA Forge - Multi-platform Installation

Run on Any Platform​

Prosys OPC UA Forge utilizes our cross-platform OPC UA components and technology, enabling deployments on virtually any hardware and operating system, including container systems such as Docker. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between a pre-packaged containerized version or an operating system-specific installation.


Core Features

OPC UA Client & Server
OPC UA Client & Server components offer a seamless bridge between your IT and OT systems. Efficient and compliant with industry standards, these components simplify your access to OT data while managing advanced security protocols and information modeling.
Server Aggregation
Server Aggregation provides a unified, secure access point to streamline your IT/OT integration. Once set up, it serves as a fortified gateway through which IT systems can safely access a variety of OT data from connected servers.
Data Harmonization
Data harmonization is made easy through either OPC UA companion specifications or user defined models. This feature paves the way for smoother integration of your IT systems with diverse OT data sources and facilitates the addition of new OT devices.
Web User Interface
The web user interface allows for straightforward control and configuration across different platforms, including those based on container technologies. It offers an intuitive yet comprehensive solution for managing all your feature settings.
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OPC UA Forge - IoT & Field Connectivity icon

IoT & Field Connectivity

Any data can be published via the MQTT broker of your choice to integrate with the cloud and other systems effectively using OPC UA PubSub.
OPC UA Forge - Event Suite icon

Event Suite

Smart and easy mapping of data values to events or vice versa to enable integration between manufacturing execution and automation systems. Add-On contains modules Event Mapper and Event Generator.

OPC UA Forge - History Module icon

History Suite

Collect and store OT data at the edge, ensuring data integrity and meeting track & trace requirements. Add-On contains modules Data Logger and History.

OPC UA Forge - Data Exchange icon

Data Exchange

Click and connect data points between separate systems, enabling real-time server-to-server data exchange in an easy-to-configure way.
OPC UA Forge - OPC UA over REST icon


Facilitate OPC UA communication for systems lacking native support through an OpenAPI-compliant REST API.

Advanced Mappings

Map your data by scaling and offsetting values, evaluating values via arithmetic and logical expressions, and defining transformation maps.


Modbus Connector

Migrate Modbus devices and systems onto modern OPC UA technology, enabling secure communication with advanced features.

ADS Connector

Beckhoff ADS Connector enables efficient integration of devices and systems using native protocol.

S7comm Connector

Siemens S7comm Connector implements native communication for efficient integration of devices and systems.

Technical Details

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • OPC UA TCP (OPC UA Binary)
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Modbus ASCII
  • Aes256-Sha256-RsaPss
  • Aes128-Sha256-RsaOaep
  • Basic256Sha256
  • Basic256 *
  • Basic128Rsa15 *
* Deprecated in OPC UA specification, provided for compatibility with older systems.
  • 1.05 and earlier
  • InfluxDB
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Subscription for Single Installation
  • Subscription for Site Installation
  • Perpetual License for Single Installation
  • Perpetual License for Site Installation

Please note that a Core license needs to be in place before any Add-On licenses can be activated. Evaluation licenses are available upon request.

Let’s explore how Prosys OPC UA Forge can be the key to transforming your systems. Reach out to us to start your journey towards advanced operational processes!

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