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A high-performance Wrapper/Proxy that enables OPC classic products to be connected with OPC UA products

Migrate Classic OPC to OPC UA and More

OPC UA Gateway is a product for migrating the “classic” COM/DCOM-based OPC Servers to the new OPC Unified Architecture. The software is based on the C++ OPC UA Server/Client SDK/Toolkit. The OPC UA Gateway is fully configurable through OPC UA Methods. It will comply with the OPC DI Specification (Device Integration) and will offer standardized diagnosis and configuration capabilities.

OPC UA Gateway Connections diagram

Use Cases​

OPC UA Gateway can be applied in many systems and use cases. Use cases of OPC UA Gateway include:

  • connecting UA Client to COM/ DCOM Server(s)
  • connecting COM/DCOM Client to UA Server(s)
  • tunneling COM/DCOM through secure UA connection
  • data concentration on a single node; single point of access


In terms of underlying connections and functionality of the core component OPC UA Gateway offers a variety of interfaces. The interfaces include:

  • Data Access (base interface)
  • Alarms and Events (optional interface)
  • Historical Data Access (optional interface)
  • Tag File & Cache (optional interface)


Technical Details

  • Windows 32Bit application, can also run on 64Bit Windows (WOW64)
  • Can be installed on standard Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10)
  • Supports OPC UA, OPC DA 2/3, OPC AE and OPC HDA (see price list for licensing details)
  • Can connect to multiple COM DA Servers and UA Servers at the same time
  • Connections can be added during runtime without restarting the UaGateway

Interested in simplifying your data connectivity with our OPC UA Gateway? This powerful tool is designed to seamlessly integrate diverse systems, ensuring efficient and secure data exchange!

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