About OPC UA

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is a standardized communication protocol that enables secure Industrial Internet and Induatry 4.0 solutions.

Who is OPC UA for?

OPC UA for End Users

Whether you are working in the process industry, manufacturing, machine control, power generation, smart grids, or, for example, traffic management, with OPC UA, you can integrate all your devices, automation systems, and software applications using one secure and platform-independent standard. Using OPC UA, you can also build distributed Internet and cloud-based systems connecting your remote devices and I/O to a core server and database, allowing device diagnostics, asset management, monitoring, reporting, and other applications.

OPC UA for Device and Machine Vendors

With OPC UA, you can make your products interoperable with other vendors’ products, thus enabling your customers to build total systems. Using a standardized and secure communications technology makes the integration more reliable and reduces costs as you only need to implement one standard interface. Furthermore, the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things (IoT) are strong trends. OPC UA offers a suitable communication protocol for developing your products and systems to fit into that framework.

OPC UA for System Integrators

When you integrate multiple vendors’ systems to provide total solutions to your customers, you want to use standardized, reliable, secure, scalable, and platform-independent technology. This is what OPC UA offers to you. Furthermore, its continuous development is ensured by over 900 international members of the OPC Foundation. When you select OPC UA as your core system integration technology, you can use your software and professional knowledge repeatedly, executing your projects economically and on schedule.

OPC UA for Software Companies

One of the key features of successful enterprise software is how interfaces to other systems are implemented. For HMI, SCADA, MES and ERP, monitoring, quality control and reporting, and for numerous other software applications, OPC UA offers a solution to the integration challenge in a productive way. When you develop your software, you want to maximize the number of possible customers while ensuring high quality, and both are achieved by offering OPC UA as a standard interface included in your software.

Learn about OPC UA

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OPC UA is the Industry 4.0 Communication

Industry 4.0 is a German initiative for the future development of industrial IT, which is currently revolutionizing the manufacturing engineering sector. Industry 4.0 refers to the technological evolution from embedded systems to cyber-physical systems (CPS) and represents the coming fourth industrial revolution on the way to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Data, and Services. Cyber-physical systems are enabling technologies that bring the virtual and physical worlds together to create a truly networked world in which intelligent objects communicate and interact with each other. In Industry 4.0, machines communicate with machines and autonomously manage production in a flexible, efficient, and resource-saving manner.

When developing Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, a secure and standardized exchange of data and information between devices, machines, and services is needed. The Reference Architecture Model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) recommends IEC standard 62541 OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) for implementing the communication layer. To comply with the Industry 4.0 communication specification, devices, machines, and systems must be addressable over the network via TCP/UDP or IP and implement at least the OPC UA information model. As a result, any product classified as Industry 4.0 compatible must have OPC UA, either integrated or using a gateway product.

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