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A graphical design tool for building your own OPC UA information models

Turns Design into Code

OPC UA Modeler provides a graphical design of address space, adds nodes and references, and finally generates code by pressing a button. Thus it not only speeds up the implementation, it also increases the software quality by producing well-structured, error-free code. As implementation is reduced to “modeling and generating” even complex models can be “implemented” very quickly.

OPC UA Modeler shows a hierarchical and graphical representation of the designed model. The graphical representation follows the OPC UA notation and syntax.

OPC UA Modeler functionality diagram

Code Generation

OPC UA Modeler generates code directly for:

  • C++ based OPC UA Server SDK
  • ANSI C based OPC UA Server SDK
  • .NET based OPC UA Client and Server SDK

OPC UA Modeler can also store models into XML-files which can be used to generate code for:

  • Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java Client and Server


Looking to elevate your system design with the OPC UA Modeler? This advanced tool simplifies the creation and management of OPC UA information models, bringing efficiency and accuracy. Improve your design processes today!

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