Prosys OPC UA Products

Prosys is a leading provider of OPC UA software products and professional services with over 15 years of experience in the field. Our customers and partners include industrial, energy and high-tech companies. Prosys OPC UA products are a future-proof choice ensuring maximum life cycles of system solutions. Our products are built on solid technology and professional knowledge, and systematically developed to meet evolving requirements.


Develop once, deploy anywhere

Our OPC UA certified Java SDK is the best choice when developing OPC UA clients, servers and systems handling complex data. The SDK takes care of the important OPC UA communication details and provides you an easy to use API, which lets you focus on what's important to your application.

OPC UA Historian

Collect and store data from multiple OPC UA servers into one central location

Connect Historian to any OPC UA compatible device or automation system and start logging data that is relevant to you. Once Historian has started collecting data, it can be accessed with any OPC UA compatible client application or via standard database connection. This includes ERP, MES and BI systems, or any other enterprise applications.

OPC UA Modbus Server

Connect to your Modbus devices using OPC UA.

OPC UA Modbus Server is simple to configure and fast to deploy, providing access to your Modbus devices in just a few minutes. OPC UA Modbus Server provides data access to Modbus devices both over Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU over TCP.

OPC UA Simulation Server

OPC UA Simulation Server is a sample server application to test your connections.

OPC UA Client

Graphical user interface to view data from any OPC UA server. Supports OPC UA Data Access, Historical Access and Alarms & Conditions.

OPC UA Client for Android

OPC UA client application running on Android operating system.

Prosys OPC Products

Prosys OPC products are your best choice when you need products and development tools for the OPC classic standard.

OPC SDK Sentrol

OPC Client & Server SDK for Delphi & C++ Builder

OPC Client and Server SDKs enable efficient and reliable OPC communication and application software development.

OPC to Database

OPC to Database provides an easy to use and reliable Windows application used for logging data from OPC servers to databases.

OPC Simulation Server

A free simulation OPC server.

OPC Client

A free test client for OPC Server connections.

Partner Products

We are also a reseller of Unified Automation's C, C++ and .NET based products.


OPC UA C/C++ Client and Server SDKs are C++ based software development kits for speeding up your development in the new OPC Unified Architecture world.


OPC UA .NET Client SDK is a .NET based software development kit for speeding up your development in the new OPC Unified Architecture world.

OPC UA Gateway

OPC UA Gateway is a high performance Wrapper/Proxy that enables all OPC classic products to be connected with new OPC UA products.

OPC UA Modeler

OPC UA Modeler turns design into code.


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What is OPC?

OPC and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) are industry standards that enable software to connect devices, machines and systems from different manufacturers using same interface.

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Case Flir ITS

Flux is an intelligent software platform that is designed to be used with a FLIR video detection system. Flux collects traffic data, events, alarms and video images generated by the hardware video detectors. The entire Flux server is written in Java code, supporting both Windows and Linux operating systems. Prosys OPC UA Java SDK library was used to add an OPC UA interface to the Flux server with minimum effort.

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Prosys has provided us software experts and tools with a long-term commitment. In our projects specification work is very important, yet it is difficult to get all requirements and details written in advance. This challenge was addressed by using agile methods, which produced good results.
Another important factor was the demanding work required to achieve interoperability between different systems. Overall, I rate Prosys services as praiseworthy and professional.

Pasi Heikkinen
Program Manager at Metso Automation Inc.