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Visualize your production process and equipment data

Your Easiest HMI Tool with OPC UA Connectivity

Prosys OPC UA Monitor is a highly functional and versatile OPC UA client application that can be used to connect to any OPC UA server. In just a few minutes, you will design your own display for the most important measurement values, enabling real-time monitoring of production processes and equipment.

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Ultra-Slick Grid System

Design your own user interfaces with a fast and easy-to-use grid system. With just a few clicks, you can add or remove rows and columns of the grid, resize cells and modify the texts of your display also in your native language. Moreover, the gauges in your grid are updated in real-time also in editor mode, making the configuration process smooth and enjoyable.

Visualization Components​ icon

Smart Visualization Components​

Use a collection of stylish gauges, visual elements, and charts to build your custom monitoring screen. Each gauge has carefully selected parameters, allowing you to reach essential user interface results in the fastest possible way. By defining the sampling interval, you can control the volume of data communication and how rapidly your display reacts to changes in data sources.

Warnings and Alarms​​ icon

Adaptive Warnings and Alarms​​

You can easily set up measurement value-based notifications and how they will be shown. Distinguish between warnings and alarms, and benefit from predefined standard messages or customize texts to fit your purpose. After acknowledgement action, you can still see old notifications in the complete log.

Data Logger​​ icon

Effective Data Logger​​

In addition to real-time monitoring with gauges, you can simply turn on the included data logger. You get a complete archive of your most important information, which you can bring to any third-party software for further analysis. This easily enables both equipment diagnostics and continuous process improvement.

Data Access​ icon

Secure Communications​

The embedded OPC UA client implements globally accepted, standardized and reliable OPC UA connections to any industrial system. You can define multiple OPC UA server connections and the level of security, user authentication and encryption you need for each.

Extensive Interoperability​ icon

Extensive Interoperability​

Connect to numerous OPC UA servers from leading vendors including ABB, Advantech, Aveva, B&R, Baker Hughes, Beckhoff, Belden, Bosch, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Fanuc, Festo, GE, Harting, Hitachi, Honeywell, Kepware, Lenze, Matrikon, Mitsubishi, National Instruments, Omron, Pepperl+Fuchs, Phoenix Contact, Rockwell, Schneider, Siemens, Turck, Weidmuller and Yokogawa.

AddressSpace Exporter icon

Handy AddressSpace Exporter

Upon connecting to any OPC UA server, you can easily export information about its nodes to a CSV file. A wide range of filtering and other options allows you to control the output, which is especially useful when the data volume is large. You can use the resulting file for documentation purposes or process it as needed for further use.


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Technical Details

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • 1.04 and earlier
  • Aes256-Sha256-RsaPss
  • Aes128-Sha256-RsaOaep
  • Basic256Sha256
  • Basic256 *
  • Basic128Rsa15 *

* Deprecated in OPC UA specification, provided for compatibility with older systems

  • None
  • Sign
  • Sign & Encrypt
  • Current Release: 1.6.0

For more information, please see the Release Notes.

  • Single Computer Licenses
  • Site Licenses

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