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Introduction to OPC UA Online Course - Instructions

The blog post describes step-by-step TalentLMS sign-up and course payment process


Update to importing Information Models, December 2020

Updates to the blog post on importing Information Models from NodeSet files


OPC UA and Information Modeling for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Master's thesis evaluation of OPC UA protocol and information modeling for use in heavily regulated manufacturing fields


Importing Information Models from OPC UA NodeSet files

Importing Information Models from OPC UA NodeSet files with Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java and Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server


HaToDb - A demonstration on storing historical node data to a database

Using our Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java to gather historical data.


OPC UA Invalid Server Nonces Vulnerability

Security vulnerability in the OPC UA Java Stack.


Transferring data from field devices through Prosys OPC UA Historian to the cloud using AWS IoT Greengrass and SiteWise

A guide on setting up AWS IoT Greengrass/SiteWise connection to Prosys OPC UA Historian.


OPC UA Enabling Plug & Produce - Report from OPC Day Finland 2019

OPC UA is finally finding its way to the end users, who are looking for Plug & Produce solutions.


OPC UA Manger's Attack Exploit

Security vulnerability in Java based OPC UA applications.


Azure and Power Bi - Updated Weather Station Demo

Azure and Power Bi offer a straightforward and powerful way to visualize data from your OPC UA servers.


OPC UA Getting Real and Real-time - Report from OPC Day Finland 2018

OPC UA is getting popular in real-world installations and also going towards real-time with the latest announcements about support for field level.


Getting Started with OPC UA (Videos)

Watch the short videos to get a quick overview of how to get started with OPC UA end-user products or with development. They are represented by Jouni Aro, the CTO of Prosys OPC.


OPC UA Buffer Overflow Exploit

Security vulnerability in the OPC UA Java Stack.


OPC UA XML External Entity (XXE) Exploit

Security vulnerability in the OPC UA Java Stack.


OPC UA User Authentication Token Exploit

Security vulnerability in the OPC UA Java Stack.


OPC UA Security Process

The process used to handle security issues in OPC UA components


DCOM issues in recent Windows updates

This blog post intends to document DCOM issues in recent Windows 10 updates.


OPC UA is Enabling Smart Manufacturing - Report from OPC Day Finland 2017

Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet Consortium, Made in China 2025, etc. are adopting OPC UA as the Communication Protocol of Choice.


Developing OPC UA applications in Android Studio

A short tutorial on how to start developing an OPC UA application in Android Studio.


OPC Day Europe 2017 - OPC UA is the Industry 4.0 Communication

OPC UA is now the Industry 4.0 Communication. Read the report from OPC Day Europe 2017.


Connecting OPC UA to Azure - Weather Station Demo

We experimented with presenting OPC UA data in Azure by creating a simple Azure web site where we are able to monitor the climate in our office.


OPC Day Finland 2016 - Presentations Online

See Stefan Hoppe, Matthias Damm, Miriam Schleipen and other experts talking about latest news and technical details online


OPC Day Europe 2016 - Industry 4.0 is committed to OPC UA

OPC UA is catching fire due to Industry 4.0. Read the report from OPC Day Europe 2016.


Oracle database with embedded OPC UA

Oracle has recently endorsed OPC UA in its reference IoT (Internet of Things) architecture. In this solution OPC UA acts as a bridge between plant devices and plant management layers. In our recent customer case we integrated our Java OPC UA client directly with the Oracle database handling the plant data, enabling


Configuring Prosys OPC UA Modbus Server

A short tutorial on how to configure the Prosys OPC UA Modbus Server.


OPC Day Finland 2015 - Watch the Presentations Online

See Stefan Hoppe, Matthias Damm, Miriam Schleipen and other experts talking about latest news and technical details online


OPC Day Europe 2015 - OPC UA goes to the cloud, open source and towards real-time!

Prosys sponsored the OPC Day Europe 2015 in Paris on May 19th and 20th


Oracle recommends using Java for the Internet of Things

New white paper on Java and the Internet of Things


Prosys OPC UA Java SDK is now officially certified

With the release of version 2.1.0, our Java SDK is now officially certified to comply with the OPC UA 1.02 standard.


OPC and MES Day Finland 2014: Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0

Report of the successful event at Dipoli, Espoo, arranged by Finnish Society of Automation and sponsored by Prosys


Prosys OPC UA Web Client released

Developing Java SDK powered OPC UA applications in Javascript


Prosys OPC UA Java SDK 2.0 Release: Using Code Generated Classes

Prosys OPC UA Java SDK 2.0 Release: Using Code Generated Classes


Hadoop and Hive integration with OPC UA

The big data seems to be the talk of the town at the moment. Enterprises in various fields are utilizing the concept, or at least say they do. This blog post tries to shed some light on the murky concept, along with introducing a demo case of Hadoop and OPC UA integration.


Redesigned released

After months of work the redesigned version of our Prosys OPC website has been launched today.


Using Java Mission Control for performance monitoring

This blog post intends to give some insight into what the monitoring and diagnostics tool Oracle Java Mission Control (JMC) is and how it can be used to investigate Java application performance.


OPC UA in the Internet of Things

The idea of connecting things other than dedicated computing devices to the Internet is by no means new. Various examples such as remotely controlled coffeemakers or refrigerators reporting their contents have circulated for several decades, but up until recently they have been little more than anecdotal in nature.


Heartbleed Bug in OpenSSL

OpenSSL has a serious vulnerability, called the “Heartbleed Bug”.


Opening Day at Hannover Messe

It is the opening day for Hannover Messe, and yes it is a good day for us. There is definitely an increasing demand for Java based OPC UA tools and applications.


Information modeling features in the upcoming UA SDK

The release of the 2.0 version of our Java SDK is just around the corner. In the new version, we are introducing new features that should help you to use information models in your UA applications.


Source for Raspberry Pi demo released

We thought that it might be useful to show how our Raspberry Pi demo is done, so here are the sources.


Simulation Server Beta

Prosys OPC UA Java Server has gone through major rework/development to become Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server.


OPC UA 1.02

The OPC Foundation has recently released the version 1.02 of the specification and the stack components along with some sample applications and a new version of the Local Discovery Server (LDS).


GM applying OPC UA in production

General Motors have given a presentation at the ARC World Industry Forum about their new MES/automation link, which they have based on OPC UA.


Raspberry Pi demo updates

Our Raspberry Pi weather station demo has been upgraded.


OPC and MES Day Finland 2013

OPC and MES Day Finland 2013 was held last week (Oct 15th) in Hotel Rosendahl, Tampere.


OPC Day Italy 2013

OPC Day Italy 2013 was held in Bologna on October 3rd


Raspberry Pi + Java SDK based OPC UA weather station

We often get questions about developing to ARM platform using our Java SDK. This has been proven to be possible by our QEMU + ARM test setup. We decided that it would be nice to have also some demo running on real hardware.


Subscribing to a very large number of Nodes in a Prosys OPC UA Java SDK based Server

This one is from one of our customers, Daniel Fernandez Boada from Bergauer AG, who is describing an ingenious way to subscribe to a huge number of changing data in an aggregating OPC UA server.


OPC Day Europe 2013

Yokogawa hosted the third annual OPC Day Europe in their European headquarters in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Yokogawa provided great facilities for the event that gathered up 150 OPC enthusiasts from all over the Europe.


QEMU + ARM test setup

From time to time we get inquiries regarding OPC UA server and client application suitability and performance on ARM platforms. This blog post is intended to serve as a starting point for users interested in testing Prosys Java applications on ARM platform virtual machine.


Prosys OPC at Hannover Messe

Prosys OPC attended Hannover Messe 2013 in the second week of April. The leading industrial trade show in Europe gathered up 6 550 exhibitors from 62 nations and total of 225 000 attendees.


New OPC UA Applications

Three new OPC UA products were released this week: OPC UA Java Client, OPC UA Android Client and OPC UA Java Server, all of them developed with the best OPC UA SDK in the market: Prosys OPC UA Java SDK.


Custom UA Enum Types in Java SDK

Creating your own enumeration type and using it the server is not as straight forward as it first seems, but it is not very complicated either. You just need to get it done right.


Prosys OPC at SPS/IPC/Drives 2012

Prosys OPC attended SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany last week. The three-day exhibition gathered up almost 57 000 visitors and 1 458 exhibitors, Prosys OPC being one of the exhibitors at OPC Foundation booth.



The OPC Foundation has been developing several companion specifications to the OPC UA. One of these is OPC UA For ISA95, which is reaching the Release Candidate phase already.


Prosys OPC at IAS 2012, Shanghai

Prosys OPC attended Industrial Automation Show 2012 in Shanghai China last week. During the five-day exhibition approximately 100 000 visitors had a change to take a look what’s going on in the various fields of industrial automation, introduced by more than 500 exhibitors.


OPC and MES Day & OPC UA Workshop 2012

The annual OPC Day Finland was held for the 8th time last week on Tuesday. For the first time in its history it was organized with MES people, combining both OPC and MES tracks.


OPC UA & Wireshark

Wireshark is a great tool for sniffing network traffic. It contains several pre-defined filters for various protocols – and yes, also OPC UA!


Using Complex DataTypes

One of the great things in OPC UA is that when the base information models don’t fit your needs quite well enough, there are many options to extend the specifications. One common case where it’s nice to be able to extend the base spec is with Complex DataTypes.


OPC Day Europe 2012

Prosys was sponsoring OPC Day Europe 2012 in Reinach, Switzerland on May 16th. The first OPC Day Europe was held in 2011, thus this year OPC Day Europe was organized for the second time and hosted by Endress+Hauser.


Connecting Traditional OPC to OPC UA with UaGateway

We get frequent questions about how to use OPC Unified Architecture in conjunction with traditional OPC servers. Regardless of the new technical details of OPC UA, we cannot get around the fact that majority of the communication systems worldwide are still running traditional OPC servers.


Developing OPC UA for Android

I thought I’d share a few pointers about developing OPC UA on Android, since our Prosys OPC UA Java SDK has supported Android from version 1.3 onwards.


OPC UA Sessions, Subscriptions and Timeouts

In this article I will try to clarify all the various parameters of OPC UA communications, especially related to the various timeouts that are available. They provide a flexible means to control the connection between the UA client and server, both on the client and server side, but it is not always very clear which parameter is which and what is the actual effect of each.


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