OPC Day Finland 2023 - Interoperability for Wider Range of Applications


OPC Day Finland 2023, hosted at Nokia Arena in Tampere by the Finnish Society of Automation, was a vibrant gathering that highlighted the latest trends in smart manufacturing and industrial innovation.

The main focus of the event was on Interoperability for Wider Range of Applications. The whole day various speakers shared their valuable knowledge and broad experience. The topics also covered use cases and international collaborations, which are the key to success in the world of smart manufacturing.

With a total of over 70 participants, the conference buzzed with insightful discussions and networking among industry leaders. As long-time sponsors, we’re honored to witness and contribute to the growing interest in OPC UA year after year. A big thank you to the Finnish Society of Automation for making such an unforgettable event happen!

OPC Day Finland 2023 Audience
Audience at OPC Day Finland 2023


Did you miss out on the event or certain presentations? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Dive into a detailed overview in our article, and watch all the recorded sessions on the Finnish Society of Automation’s YouTube channel.

You’ll also find the presentation slides on the OPC Day Finland 2023 website, making sure you’re up to speed with the latest innovations and discussions from the event. Enjoy!


Below, you will find links to the individual presentation videos.

  • Opening of the OPC Day by Jouni Aro, Prosys OPC
    The day started with the opening words from our CTO – Jouni Aro, on behalf of the organizational committee, where he shared the agenda for the day and gave a brief introduction to the speakers and upcoming presentations.

  • Keynote: OPC UA Success Stories from the Industry by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
    Topics addressed during the presentation:
    • OPC UA: 20th anniversary of standardization!
    • Collaboration: Overview Companion Specifications
    • Interoperability: OPC UA growing into cloud scenarios
      • OPC UA: Interoperability on Field & Edge
      • OPC UA: Interoperability from Edge to Cloud
      • OPC UA: Interoperability for IT & Cloud
    • OPC UA News
  • OPC UA Energy Harmonization by Espen Krogh, TGS Prediktor
    Topics addressed during the presentation include:
    • Good news from the industry
    • OPC UA for various energy productions, wind, solar, hydro, etc.
    • Equinor’s Dogger Bank Project
  • OPC UA Machinery Job Management by Christopher Liehr, VDMA
    The presentation focuses on defining and implementing a standardized approach for job management in machinery using OPC UA Companion Specifications. The following is done to enhance interoperability across the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.

  • OPC UA Field Level Communication (FLC) and OPC UA Field Exchange (FX) by Peter Lutz, OPC Foundation
    During his presentation, Peter covered the progress and plans for improving industrial automation interoperability through standardized communication protocols. He also described the importance of integration of OPC UA specifications for field-level exchange and safety across various automation components.

  • OPC UA over MQTT Enhancements by Matthias Damm, Unified Automation
    Topics addressed during the presentation include:
    • News on the OPC UA platform, PubSub, and MQTT
    • MQTT Topic Trees
    • New PubSub message types  to enable autodiscovery of publishers
    • OPC UA PubSub Communication Model
    • OPC UA MQTT Working Group

  • Industrial stream data management in Databricks by Jussa Klapuri, Brightly Works
    During his presentation, Jussa discusses the challenges associated with IoT data management and introduces Databricks and Lakehouse architecture as solutions, which focus on streamlining data analytics, ML/AI applications, and ensuring high data quality through unified data processing and management approaches.

  • Connecting securely to Cloud without breaking the Air Gap by Sami Hyytiäinen & Magnus Kullström, Advenica
    During their presentation, Sami and Magnus demonstrated a data diode that can handle OPC UA communication. The demonstration also included Prosys OPC UA Monitor.

  • Interconnectivity unleashed: companion specifications and industrial interoperability by Otto Patolinna, Beckhoff
    During his presentation, Otto demonstrates the integration of OPC UA PubSub companion specifications and TwinCAT to improve industrial interoperability and highlights how these technologies support efficient, scalable communication across various industrial devices and platforms.

  • OPC UA Information Models as a Core of OT/IT Integration by Jouni Aro, Prosys OPC
    Topics addressed during the presentation:
    • Why are standard information models important for the vision?
    • Information Models
    • How to build a system utilizing Information Models?
  • 4 success stories within 4 different energy generation domains HydroPower/Wind/Solar/Oil&Gas by Espen Krogh, TGS Prediktor
    The presentation covers innovative applications of OPC UA technology in the energy sector, showcasing how advanced data management and integration techniques are driving operational efficiency and enabling scalable solutions in renewable energy projects worldwide.

  • Development environment of OPC UA FX by Matthias Damm, Unified Automation
    During the presentation Matthias introduces Unified Automation’s development tools for OPC UA FX, emphasizing the integration of UA FX extensions for improved interoperability and communication within industrial automation

  • Rust programming language and OPC UA status by Veli-Pekka Salo, Wapice
    The topics addressed during the presentation are:
    • Rust background
    • How Rust prevents exploiting coding errors
    • Rust OPC UA
OPC Day Finland 2023 Speakers
OPC Day Finland 2023 Speakers: Christopher Liehr, Jussa Klapuri, Otto Patolinna, Espen Krogh, Matthias Damm, Jouni Aro, Sami Hyytiäinen, Veli-Pekka Salo, Mika Karaila, Magnus Kullström, Peter Lutz, Stefan Hoppe

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