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About Sinopec

SINOPEC – Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology (Shanghai Institute) is a China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation subsidiary. Shanghai Institute mainly engages in catalyst development, process technology development, and industrial applications in the petroleum and chemical industries. Shanghai Institute has many test instruments and evaluation devices that can be used in routine tests, pilot evaluation tests, small-scale evaluation tests, and micro-evaluation tests.

Evaluation of Test Device

Evaluation of the test device for data acquisition is the basis of paperless experimental records. The target is to provide laboratory personnel with correct data for experimental analysis as well as offer the research team an open data platform.

Prosys Sentrol OPC UA & Classic SDK for Delphi provides rapid application development based on Windows platform Delphi and C++ Builder developer tools. Sentrol has been widely used in data acquisition, man-machine interfaces (HMI, MMI), process monitoring, reporting, and system integration.

Shanghai Institute decided to use Sentrol SDK in a Real-Time Process Data Acquisition System for the testing process of the styrene evaluation device. The collected data can be integrated with chromatograph analysis data and then stored in the database, aiming at implementing the following features:

  • Automatic acquisition, processing, and storage of processing and equipment analysis data in styrene evaluation device
  • Integration of processing and analysis of data

Data Acquisition

Frequency of the data acquisition process is generally set to any rate between 1 to 60 minutes, and less than 50 data points in each device. Besides sending data to the database, the data acquisition system also performs configured data transformations and data acquisition logging.

The OPC server is configured to access the data acquisition devices using the OPC communication protocol. This enables retrieval of real-time process data and storing the collected data into a database.

Data Queries and Integration

Database storage management can effectively protect data when various applications are trying to access data. The data server is receiving real-time data from remote data acquisition devices. The data server also provides real-time and historical data for the client applications.

Sentrol is an excellent OPC application framework, which greatly improves development efficiency and supports system development in a prompt and reliable way. We willingly continue using Prosys OPC SDK Sentrol and related services of Prosys company.

Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology

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