After the log4shell updates Apache Foundation has released newer version of log4j2 that fixes some CVEs. We have released newer versions of our applications with log4j2 2.17.1, which fixes the issues. In addition, the applications use the latest version 4.7.2 of our Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java toolkit. Moreover, they now use JavaFX version 17.0.2, which provides fixes to some memory leaks.

We would recommend everyone to update to these versions. However, we also want to note that while we are affected by one of the CVEs, in practice it should have no impact per se. See for more information about the CVEs.

New security updates are available for the following products:

Please note that Simulation Server users can request a beta version of the application from the Simulation Server Support Channel if needed.

To learn more about the security vulnerability in Java-based OPC UA applications, check our Blog Post.

Please contact Prosys OPC Sales for more information.