We have released a new version 1.6.0 of the Prosys OPC UA Monitor.

Selection of gauges now allows adjusting the received value using scaling and offset factors in Gauge Settings. The adjusted gauge value is used in the user interface, including activating and deactivating alarms, warnings, and related notification logging.

Also, gauges will now show warnings when receiving signal values that cannot be converted to the appropriate data type. The warning icon on the upper left corner of a gauge can be clicked to open a dialog showing the received signal value that could not be converted.

The options for the Curve Fitting parameter of Trend Chart gauges are now None and Linear Interpolation. This is effectively the same as before, but the available options are now displayed using two radio buttons instead of a single check box. Also, the default value for the Curve Fitting parameter for new Trend Chart gauges is now None instead of Linear Interpolation.

In addition, the software has now been updated to use Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java version 4.10.6.

Read more at the Release Notes.

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