If you are new to OPC or OPC UA, our QuickStart service helps you to understand the technology and begin your integration or development work. For a fixed price, we ensure a quick and efficient start in your project.

We can help you to create your first integration solution using existing products or develop your own OPC or OPC UA software using our tools, getting your software up and running. In addition you can consult us, if you need assistance on how you should design your system.

QuickStart service is designed to save your time and produce fast results in the early phases of your project. Later, if you need more help, other professional services can be used.

Case Analysis - Steria

OPC UA solution for traffic management in Switzerland

Steria provided the traffic management SCADA system for the whole canton Valais in Switzerland, including central monitoring and alerting in case of events in tunnels or sections of the highway network of the Valais region. Prosys delivered OPC UA Java SDK which was used for implementing OPC UA interface to the SCADA system. Prosys also helped Steria to get started with the OPC UA development project by providing QuickStart service.