OPC Day Finland 2022 – OPC UA extends to field and cloud

After two years of the event being hosted online, we gathered all together at Messukeskus, Helsinki, where the Finnish Society of Automation hosted the OPC Day Finland 2022. Every year experts from all over the world gather together to talk about technology and the new possibilities in smart manufacturing and other industrial domains.

The main focus of this year’s event was on how OPC UA extends to field and cloud. The whole day various speakers shared their valuable knowledge and broad experience. The topics also covered use cases and international collaborations, which are the key to success in the world of smart manufacturing.

With over 80 participants this year, the Messukeskus conference room was full of experts and industry professionals. We have been proud sponsors of OPC Day Finland for many years, and every time it is awarding to watch all the discussions and rising interest in OPC UA. Massive thanks to the Finnish Society of Automation for such a memorable experience!


In case you missed some of the presentations or couldn’t attend the event, we have created this article for you to give more insight into the event, speakers and topics covered. In addition, all the recordings are now available in a separate playlist on the Finnish Society of Automation YouTube channel. The copies of slides can also be found on the OPC Day Finland 2022 home page.


Below, you will find links to the individual presentation videos.

  • Opening of the OPC Day by Jouni Aro, Prosys OPC
    The day started with the opening words from our CTO – Jouni Aro, on behalf of the organizational committee, where he shared the agenda for the day and gave a brief introduction to the speakers and upcoming presentations.

  • Keynote: Latest News about OPC UA by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
    Topics addressed during the presentation:
    • OPC Foundation
    • Technology: Status & roadmap
    • Collaborations & Information Models
    • Other technology news
  • OPC UA Machinery Information Model by Heiko Herden, VDMA
    Heiko introduced how VDMA plays a big role in defining the OPC UA Companion Specifications for the machinery domain. The latest achievement is the common base model for all of them.

  • Open Industry 4.0 by Konrad Heidrich, Hilscher
    During the presentation, Konrad introduced the audience to the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, its principles of operation, its achievements, and its collaborations.

  • Open Industry 4.0 Open Edge Computing by Konrad Heidrich, Hilscher
    Topics included in the presentation:
    • OI4 Reference Architecture
    • Open Edge Computing Platform
    • The Message Bus
    • OPC UA PubSub JSON
  • OPC UA PubSub Hands-on Demonstration by Jouni Aro, Prosys OPC
    • OPC UA PubSub Model
    • OPC UA PubSub Configuration
    • PubSub Demo
      • OPC UA Simulation Server as Published
      • OPC UA Browser as Subscriber
    • Open Industry 4.0 Demo
      • Open Edge Computing Guideline
      • Simulated Device
  • OPC UA as Large Scale Aggregation Server by Mika Karaila, Valmet
    Topics included in the presentation:
    • Aggregation Server definition, work principle and use cases
    • Aggregation Server configuration
    • Testing
    • Scalability & performance
    • Tips for testing and debugging & advanced features
OPC Day Finland 2022 Speakers

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