Customer Case

Software applications for industrial automation

Valmet’s automation business line customers are oil and gas industry, pulp and paper industry, power production, industrial gas and alternative fuels. Prosys OPC designed and developed software for the diagnostics and management of valve controllers and valves for Valmet. In another project a communication module for machine vision system was developed.

Symboticware – OPC UA Delivers Real-Time Data

Symboticware offers a real-time intelligent monitoring system that operates in rugged environments. Symboticware’s platform offers bi-directionality, store-and-forward, data-standardization and remote configuration capabilities. The SymBot platform is a rugged, versatile and low power hardware/software device for monitoring and decision support applications. It complies with open standards for industrial automation and systems interoperability. Symboticware chose Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java for implementing an OPC UA Server to the SymBot platform.

Neste – Communication Solution for the Process Industry

Neste is the Nordic region’s leading provider of technology, engineering and project services for the oil and gas, bio refining, petrochemicals and chemicals industries, including also the utilities and life science sectors. Prosys OPC has worked with Neste to add the new OPC UA communication protocol to Advanced Process Control system and real-time process database. In another project Prosys developed hard control and alarm switch support for training simulator system using OPC UA.

Sinopec – Test Device for Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology

Sinopec Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology, a subsidiary of one of the major petroleum companies in China, Sinopec used Prosys OPC SDK Sentrol to develop a Real-Time Process Data Acquisition System for testing process of styrene evaluation device. The collected data can be integrated with chromatograph analysis data, then stored in the database. Communication of data acquisition devices is implemented using OPC protocol, enabling retrieval of real-time process data and storing the collected data into a database.

Adpap – Application for Handling Recipes for Chemical Processes

Prosys OPC designed and developed with Adpap a recipe handling application, which is used to manage the recipes of chemical processes. The application provides a web browser based user interface for defining the ingredients, production units and process cells of a chemical plant. The implementation is based on Delphi and Prosys Sentrol, a leading SDK (software development kit) for OPC client, server and application development.

IEPG – The Control Room of the Future

The IEPG group conducts research on the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, and a characteristic is a system-oriented approach. They investigate the theoretical and technological limits of current and future power systems and components, considering the changing operating environment. This includes the large-scale introduction of renewable energy sources and the application of state-of-the-art digital technologies.

IFAE – Reducing the Integration Effort with Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java

The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is IFAE’s (The Institute for High Energy Physics) advanced facility for ground based very-high-energy gamma ray astronomy. OPC UA communication is used by all subsystems of the telescope to reduce the integration effort of the whole system. Among all the different solutions, IFAE tried different implementations of the OPC UA protocol and found the Prosys OPC SDK for Java to be the most complete.

Sopra Steria – OPC UA Solution for Traffic Management in Switzerland

Steria provided the traffic management SCADA system for the whole canton Valais in Switzerland, including central monitoring and alerting in case of events in tunnels or sections of the highway network of the Valais region. Prosys OPC delivered OPC UA SDK for Java, which was used for implementing OPC UA interface to the SCADA system. Prosys OPC also helped Steria to get started with the OPC UA development project by providing QuickStart service.

IMS – Making Local Data Globally Accessible Using Cloud Solutions

Intelligent Mud Solutions AS of Norway (IMS) provides continuous real-time analysis of drilling fluids primarily for the oil and gas drilling industry. Their RheoSense© equipment is installed at-line to the main drilling fluid process to analyse the drilling fluid being pumped into and out of the well. The patented technology is able to convert pressure measurements to rheological data “on the fly” and produce timestamped data into an OPC UA server for their clients to access locally or remotely.

Helen Oy – OPC and OPC UA Technology Training for an Energy Company

Helen is one of Finland’s largest Energy companies and they utilize OPC solutions provided by different vendors. The new OPC UA definition enables secure data transfer in all environments and networks. This will increase the popularity of the OPC UA technology in the future, which also creates new educational needs, which can be fullfilled with expert training. Prosys organized a customized training for Helen. A major part in the training was practical excersises, with which the participants could also achieve precious practical experience about the subjects included in the training.

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